Lon SimmonsThe Giants family and Bay Area sports community lost a true gentleman this morning when Hall of Fame broadcaster Lon Simmons peacefully passed away at the age of 91. The club invites fans to please share your memories and condolences in the comments below.

“Like many fans, my earliest Giants memories were listening to Lon and Russ on my transistor radio,” said Giants President and CEO Larry Baer. “Hearing his broadcasts ignited my and thousands of others’ passion for Giants baseball. He will be deeply missed by all of us.”

To Giants fans everywhere, his voice was synonymous with Giants baseball for five decades. Best known for his booming baritone voice, encyclopedic sports knowledge, flair for the dramatic and self-deprecating sense of humor, Lon was the link between generations of Bay Area sports fans and their hometown teams. He was a legend among Giants fans, whose career with the team spanned five decades – beginning when he joined Russ Hodges in the broadcast booth during the team’s first season in San Francisco in 1958.

Please leave your thoughts below.


  1. Coker Family

    I remember sitting on my bed with my hand held transistor radio up by my ear listening to Lon Simmons broadcasting the Giants games. Mr Simmons was one of a kind. A great Broadcaster. – He will be missed. My condolences to his Family, Friends, and Fans.


  2. will Cooper

    We are all lucky! Lon and Russ have linked us all together. We all listened at at the same time, through a fist in the air, and yelled a hardy “YES.” Mr. Simmons will always remind me about the good in the world. RIP


  3. Reese

    Growing up in Fresno during the sixties, Lon Simmons and Russ Hodges were the soundtrack to my childhood summers. I can still hear them competing with static and what a tinny sound our ginormous radio had, but their voices always boomed through, allowing us all to follow the games as though we were really there. To this day, I call the Giants MY Giants, -the voice of the Giants as integral a part as the players on the field. Godspeed, old friend.


  4. Deb A.

    I had the pleasure of meeting Lon on the Giants Cruise in 2002. He: was a gracious presence and it was so much fun to listen to his storie. We lost s legend today. Somewhere in a field of dreams Lon, Russ, and Bill are calling balls and strikes and swapping stories.


  5. Marsha Wray

    R.I.P. Lon – you are already missed by many! I started listening to Lon and Russ at age 9 in 1962. Loved his voice and his sense of humor. One of the very best broadcasters ever. And a Giant forever.


  6. Kathy Vallee Andersen

    i remember spending endless hours listening to Lon announce the Giants games with my Dad and little brother. They are both in Heaven now and will be rooting for the Giants on opening day right there with Lon. RIP and God bless.


  7. Steve Gomez

    I grew up in Fresno Calif. The summer nights we didn’t watch TV but sat out, played hide n seek in the dark listening to Lon and descriptions of Giants baseball as reverberated from our Magnovox. It was glorious for child growing up, falling in love with the wonders of baseball. Thanks to Lon.


  8. Quinton Carnes

    RIP Lon..The greatest announcer here in bay area history. You announced Giants, A’s, 49ers! You did it all Lon.,You were the greatest…


  9. Nina Kaiser

    Russ Hodges wrote a book, “My Giants”; they were discussing it on the air and Lon said “One day I’m going to write a book called “No, MY Giants”. We saw him at the park before the game once and I still remember his nod of modest, almost shy acknowledgment at being recognized by two baseball crazy little kids.


  10. Patty Washko

    Growing up in Hawaii I started listening to Giants baseball on the radio and his and Russ’ voices were so great and descriptive I felt like I was in Candlestick with them. Lon’s calls for homers was the best. Thanks for the memories!!!


  11. hlesser

    Lon Simmons was the voice of the Giants I grew up with. I still compare all other baseball announcers to Lon. I fondly recall lying in bed listening to Lon on the earpiece of my 9 volt transistor radio when I was supposed to be sleeping. Thanks Lon and RIP.


  12. Chris

    One of the greatest voices in sports. I grew up listening to Lon via a radio and he made it feel like you were there. RIP Lon, you were one of the best !


  13. Pat Gibson

    I grew up listening to Lon and Russ Hodges. His descriptions of the game, along with his wonderful sense of humor made me appreciate the game of baseball. He was one of a kind, and will be missed.


  14. Tom friedberg

    This one is a bit off color, but he was doing an a’s road game with Bill King and apparently it was a night where there were thunderstorms in the area. Bill made some comment about the winds having the force of a howling gale. Lon did not miss a beat and deadpan bed “howling Gail was the name of the girl next door when I was growing up”

    Had the pleasure of his transistor company for more than 30 years.


  15. jimwilson2014

    I first heard Lon Simmons when he was broadcasting Fresno State sports events for KMJ Radio. I later worked weekends at KMJ and learned the ins and outs of baseball from Lon and Russ Hodges while engineering the Giants broadcasts for listeners in the Central Valley. I later had the honor of visiting Cooperstown when Lon was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame and interviewing him for a commemorative program about him for the Fresno State radio station KFSR. He had a tremendous impact on sports fans everywhere and now he’s joined his lifelong friend Bill Thompson in a greater Hall of Fame.


  16. Diana Simar

    I remember as a little kid in the 60s, laying in bed at night listening to the San Francisco Giants game while Lon Simmons called the plays on my little clock radio, while we were living in Hayward California!!! I am now 54 in remember his voice fondly!
    You are a great man and I hope a lot of other Bay Area little kids remember you fondly as well!!


  17. Amy

    Thank you for making my grandpa a Giant and 49er for life. He handed down the love of listening to games on the radio to my mom and then to me. Such a special gift.


  18. Don

    A distinctive voice, which was part of the soundtrack of my life – from childhood through adulthood – has gone silent with the passing of former Giants broadcaster Lon Simmons.
    Lon, along with Russ Hodges, nurtured my love for the game of baseball. Lon’s deep voice, friendly and jovial manner added a rich texture to the sounds of the games; which came alive over the radio in a magical way.
    Thanks Lon for all the strikes, balls and home run calls . . .
    “You Can Tell it Goodbye!”


  19. Steve Klauer

    I’ll never forget Lon. His broadcasts made me love baseball especially. How can anyone ever forget the excitement he built with his play calls and catch phrases. I can hear him now: “What a story this will be” as the Giants built a comeback, “Tell it goodbye!” for all those homers. What a run we all had together listening to Lon. Godspeed Lon. We will miss you.


  20. Dave Ebert

    Growing up in a small Central Oregon town, I listened to Lon on a crystal radio with a single earbud. After homework and chores were done I would adjust the antenna to receive KSFO and do what 12 year olds do…daydream. His rich voice and seemingly endless knowledge of baseball made this farmboy a Giants fan for life.


  21. Jim W.

    The voice of Lon Simmons is the soundtrack of my youth. Giants baseball was always on the radio; in the car, in the garage on the weekends in the 60s and 70s. It was always great to hear Lon when he did his final few Giants broadcasts in the early 2000s. It was like having a part of my childhood back for a couple of hours.


  22. Debbie Freitas

    Sad news for SF Bay Area sports fans. A VERY funny and true gentleman! Loved listening to Lon and Jon when they would do the occasional broadcast. I had the pleasure of spending time with Lon on a Giants cruise in November, 2002. I still have a hand-written thank you note he sent to our cabin after we’d sent flowers to his. Lon was very accessible. One morning during the cruise we rode a dingy to shore with him. I’d just read online that morning that the Giants had hired Felipe Alou. My late husband asked Lon what he thought of the move. It was news to him but he said he thought it was a good one. So, we have the distinction of being the people that gave Lon Simmons that info.


  23. lisa lindsey

    I began listening to the Giants & A’s in high school (around 1971) laying in the backyard sunbathing. I loved his sense of humor & I would continue to listen when the games were out of reach, just to hear Lon. He was great doing football & I gravitated to the games he was calling, unknowingly. HE could be the entertainment, but instead he AND the game entertained simultaneously.

    Brings a tear to my eye that we won’t see him visiting the Giants games anymore. My dad was a huge sports fan and had a very similar sense of humor….hopefully they’ll run into each other up there, tell stories & enjoy looking down & laughing at all of us.


  24. Graeme Logie

    Thanks for the many memories of listening to games on the radio from my childhood, up until you retired. The voice, that is what makes Lon’s broadcasts so special. That deep, resonant, nasally voice that could paint a picture with words. A memory that I recall was when the Giants were playing Pittsburgh at Three Rivers Stadium, and there was a rain delay. The grounds crew had trouble getting the tarp from it’s “house”. Lon described the whole thing on air, talking about getting the tarp out of its little house and onto the field, and how it was not cooperating, it seemed to take forever, but Lon’s storytelling and sarcastic wit made it funny to listen to. Giants, A’s, 49ers, he made listening to a game a pleasure. RIP!


  25. Gerry Briare

    One of my favorite Lon Simmons moments was in the early ‘70’s, in a spring training game against the Padres. The Padres were debuting their new yellow road uniforms, and they were, to put it mildly, a little too much for Lon. At one point he cracked, “Folks you have to come out to Candlestick this year to see the Giants play the Padres; if for nothing else than to see these uniforms. You get the feeling they should line the dugout with newspaper when they’re wearing these things.”
    Lon even made spring training games entertaining – not as easy thing to do.


  26. Barbara Bagot-Lopez

    He was the first voice of the Giants I heard when I became a fan when I moved to SF. A gentleman and with a great sense of humor on the few occasions I chatted with him treated everyone with respect, no matter who or what job they held. Hate to tell him goodbye!


  27. Michael Miller

    Everything sounded better with Lon-what a great joy to listen to! Plus, I loved the fact that the current broadcasting crew loved and respected him as well. I would love to see the Giants do an Honorary Croix De Candlestick in his honor….


  28. Linda Gutierrez

    Growing up I remember my Dad listening to Lon in the car and at home. It became a familiar voice growing up. My father passed away in his 60’s but the memories of his love for the Giants and Lon Simmons bring back so many great memories. My deepest condolences to his family. He truly is a great and happy memory for me. Thank you Lon RIP.


  29. Kathryn

    Lon was instrumental in my love for the #SFGiants. His smooth delivery, dry humor & love of the sport provided smiles, insight & many wonderful memories. He felt like a special friend who I’d trust & believe in a heartbeat. Deeply grateful to have been a fan.


  30. Alan Healy

    Began listening to Lon at about 5 yrs. old as my Dad listened to all the games. I believe it was listening to Lon that I instantly fell in love with baseball. I was in 8th grade when my sister began to pal around with one of Lon’s stepdaughters in high school. One evening my sister said there was someone in the drive way that wanted to talk to me. It was Lon, in his car, and I proceeded to have a great conversation with him for about 15 minutes, It was a thrill. His voice in person was just like the voice coming out of the radio. Thanks for everything Lon. RIP


  31. Mike Troyan

    In 1962 while taking Drivers Ed in high school I was allowed to listen to Lon Simmons while driving by my instructor Marvin Wood who knew I was a big Giants fan! It was a memory I never forgot and the Giants winning the pennant was huge! My condolences to the Simmons and Giants families….the likes of Lon Simmons we shall never see again.


  32. Mary Reed

    He was the voice of Bay Area sports when I was a kid, both the Giants and Forty Niners…..RIP Mr. Simmons….


  33. Kaycee

    My family have been fans since the days of Seal Stadium and Candlestick Park so growing up listening to this man is a part of my childhood and life. He was truly a gentleman and he will be greatly missed. Rest in Peace dear friend and fly with the Angels. God Bless his family and may the peace of the Lord help them through their time of sorrow. Go Giants and Go Niners!


  34. Aaron Hutsch

    some of the most important memories of my childhood was playing streetball ( tennis ball strikeouts) on a summer day, while one of the older kid’s car broadcast the Giants game; we would cheer for our boys, and imitate their batting or pitching styles- and it all comes back to me in Mr. Lon Simmon’s voice.
    Thank you for the memories


  35. Bruce Kaplan

    it was such a joy to listen to Lon call a game, he was the perfect combination of laid back and excitable, whatever the situation called for. And he didn’t take the game or himself too seriously, and had a sharp sense of humor.


  36. Kristina Pearson

    I was a teenager in 63 and I loved the Giants so much! Part of that love was due to the announcers Lon and Russ. I feel so incredibly lucky to have been a part of that SF Giants and 49er era brought to us by Lon and Russ. RIP my favorite announcers!


  37. Monica Tercero

    I grew up in Hayeard and all of my childhood memories associated with the Giants are of Lon Simmons. His voice is synonymous with Giants bases all. Godspeed , Lon. your memory lives on.


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